15 corsets wholesale Reasons A Silly Halloween Costume Will Get You More D Than A Sexy One

I LOVE myself a funny corsets wholesale Halloween costume. This year, I'm going to be a giant nipple.Last long gown dress year, I was a sumo wrestler.The biggest issues with my choice in silly Halloween costumes never really seems to come from boys. No, instead, my girl friends are always EXTREMELY concerned about the effect my choice will have on my ability to pull (read: attract) guys.Well, if I'm being completely honest, I never really go out with the intention of "pulling guys." I go out with the intention of having fun with my friends. If I meet a guy while I'm doing that, that's cool, too.That being said, even when I'm not looking for a guy, I must say, getting male attention in my silly Halloween costumes has never been an issue for me, and here's why:1. If When you do end up hooking up with someone, the story is infinitely better.I mean, how do you beat "we hooked up for the first time when I was wearing a chicken suit"?2. It's SO much easier to make the first move.On one hand, guys will be more inclined to make the first move on you because your costume is automatically disarming.On the other hand, you can go up to people and play it off as a funny joke if you get rejected because YOUR OUTFIT IS A FUNNY JOKE.3. You're automatically meeting someone who likes you for more than just your looks.Right off the bat, at least you know this guy is into you, partially, for your sense of humor.It's not just the quantity of D you're raking in, girls, it's the quality, too.4. It takes confidence to pull a silly costume off.You've got to be totally confident in your own skin to pull off an insanely funny costume.5. You'll be having so much fun on your own, people will automatically be drawn to you.Even if you're just standing in a corner by yourself, odds are you'll be laughing in that corner by yourself since your costume is so dang funny. People won't be able to help wanting to be around you.6. It immediately shows off your awesome sense of humor.Before you even have a chance to talk, it's evident you are hilarious and awesome, and people will be more inclined to engage in conversation with you.7. You'll automatically stand out in the sea of sexy kittens and nurses.Sexy costumes are a dime a dozen. You're UNIQUE.8. Only a confident guy who actually gets your humor is going to approach you.Again, quantity AND quality here, guys.9. It shows you're daring.Your costume shows you're not just another basic, boring girl with a subpar personality. AND you're hot? Bonus!10. You don't have to stress about trying to be sexy on the dance floor.No, you don't have to do all those awkward, forced, sexy dance moves. Instead, you can relax and do whatever you want. And that relaxed energy is HOT.11. It's a conversation starter in and of itself.Even if you get stuck in the most painfully awkward conversation, you can default to silently doing a silly dance in your costume for a guaranteed laugh.12. You can throw back a beer or scarf down some late-night pizza with him, without worrying about getting bloated in your skimpy outfit.Your outfit isn't holding you back in any way, shape or form.13. Guys who are interested will be more inclined to spend time with you when you're both sober.A sexy costume will get you the D, but a funny costume will get you the D and breakfast the next morning.A sexy costume will get you the D, but a funny costume will get you the D and breakfast the next morning.Memorize that gem of advice, my friends. Memorize.14. It's an automatic icebreaker.A shy guy who otherwise might feel awkward coming up to you will be more inclined to because of your ridiculous look.15. Odds are, there's a guy with the same costume as you.And, I mean, what's a better conversation starter than that?#FATE, you guys. So go ahead and rock that hot dog bun costume, girl — it's totally gonna get you laid this Halloween.Subscribe to Elite Daily's official newsletter, The Edge, for more stories you don't want to miss.

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